Very Ugly Shoes To Avoid


Summer is nearly there. Yes, it’s that time of the year to seduce or be seduced. However, here is my very first french tip: take care of your shoes ! They are often the first thing women judge you by. They do not have to be expensive, but clean. Indeed, it does not take three hours to keep them nice and clean. Mud on your nice sneakers will be a no-no for us ladies, and holes in your vans when you’re 30 years old will make us run like Usain Bolt, even when wearing Louboutin. Sometimes, cleaning wipes will do the trick, use one before you go out to make your shoes look as fresh as yourself.

So now Chéri, here’s a few models to absolutely avoid:

1. Running shoes when you aren’t running.


Those. Forget about wearing them with a pair of jeans. It is forbidden, even when you will be a dad in his mid-50’s.

2. Whatever you call that.

Source: Tribe

Described as ugly ass shoes on the Internet, do not look, buy and wear them. Unless you work at the Apple Store. Fashion or common sense do not apply at the Apple Store.

3. Sandals, any sandals.

Source: Ebay

Dude, don’t even think about them. Nobody has the desire to see your dirty nails or long toes all summer. If you ask yourself: ” What about socks then ?”, get out of here. Your fate is now in the hands of the Devil.

4. White loafers.

white loafers
Source: Best Image Shoes



Et voilà. I don’t promise you anything but maybe you will get laid if you avoid these ugly human mistakes. If not, keep reading my veryfrenchtips to know even more about fashion.


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