If French Politicians Were Reality Stars


You don’t know much about french politicians ? Good because me neither. However, it’s pretty simple to sum it up. They are basically as bad as the one you have in your country, no matter where you are. As it would be too simple to compare Marine Le Pen with Donald Trump, let’s see it from mon point de vue (a tad oriented).

1. Jean-Luc Mélenchon/Tommie Lee – The Rebellious

Jean-Luc Mélenchon comes from the extreme left, the communist wing. Much loved by the young generation, the politician is a bit like the lovely Tommie Lee from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Yes, you read well. I am comparing the communist leader with the famous lover (not a fighter), Tommie. Very spontaneous, always true to themselves cameras or not, Jean-Luc and Tommie will fight for what they believe in. Some hate them but at least they always stay honest, unlike a lot of people in politics or reality shows…



2. Benoît Hamon/Khloe Kardashian – The One You Relate to

Benoît Hamon is cute and nice just like Khloe. Not the most popular from the socialist side or the Kardashian family, Benoît or Khloe are the ones you relate to. Down to Earth, they are quite natural and don’t really care what people think. Kind of sassy, the politician could be your big brother, the one you have experience with.



3. Emmanuel Macron/Vinny Guadagnino – The Kind Of Goofy Cute

Emmanuel and Vinny seem nice. You don’t really know what to expect but they’re not the worst. Knowing when to be serious, you don’t see them coming as they are quite funny and a little bit goofy. Both of them are also kind of chosen because they appear as the best of the worst.



4. François Fillon/Abby Lee Miller – The Meh Choice

François and Abby do not only share their financial troubles and the passion of hiding money, they are also meh characters. You’re just fed up when their faces appear on your tv. Both are not people’s favorites. However, you still love to hate them.



5. Marine Le Pen/Spencer Pratt – The Villain

Blue eyes, blonde hair and the same creepy smile. Here’s how to describe Marine Le Pen and Spencer Pratt. Both of them are devilish under those fake angelic looks. Moreover, similar to a leech, they keep coming back. Even if they try to hide their true personality, you better avoid them as they always end up losing.





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