What You Need To Know About Being A Tourist In Paris


You might be looking for tickets to come and visit us in Paris. Please, do ! Let’s be honest here: it is quite true that parisians can be a tiny bit pretentious but it’s the charming part. Indeed, Paris without bitchy parisians wouldn’t be as nice. However, the city of fashion has few defaults that you will meet in your journey. So here’s a few tips about visiting Paris.

1. The Romance

So, everybody knows, or believes, that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. Well, it might be for you but not for parisians. Yes, it’s beautiful but don’t be surprised when you realise that not everybody is french kissing. And we don’t want to see your tongue neither. By the way, getting fiancé on top of the Eiffel Tower is really lame according to us.

Source: Yoram Yasur

2. The Clichés

Don’t be disappointed but we are not all secret mimes having a baguette as an accessory. Movies always picture us with bread and a beret but it’s not really the case. Nevertheless, we smoke a lot, drink very expensive café but you don’t have to copy all of that to appear as a parisian. When you are a tourist, we know. Trust me, we know.

Source: Trait-d’Union

3. The Subway

The parisian subway is the place of many weird smells and people. It is dirty and smell like pee. You will also encounter singers and their annoying accordéon. Do not worry, they don’t bite, and only annoy you few minutes with some crappy song. They will ask you money, you can ignore like most parisians or be generous like most tourists. By the way, you will probably see rats, it’s a big city, don’t be traumatized saying we are very dirty.

Source: Pausecafein

4. The Women

It is true that we like to dress well. If you come visit us, shopping will be one of your most exhausting activity. Treat yo self. However, you need to know few things about us, french women. You may have heard that we do not shave or wash. So, let’s make it official, we do shave and wash. Moreover, we do not spend our time naked. Don’t come to Paris thinking everyone is easy and avoid the sentence: “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ?”, it won’t work.

Source: The Age

5. The Food

Yes ! It is true that some people eat frogs and snails. They are only a few though. You won’t find everyone eating frog legs so stop imagining that right now. However, you will probably eat well in France, so avoid your usual Starbucks and prefer a nice café for your morning coffee. Enjoy our culture of the food, it’s your holiday so forget about the calories. Be like us for few days, get drunk on the best wine, eat the smelliest cheese and forget about problems. Allez, viens on est bien !

PS: Macarons are the best. Do not only buy them on your way home at the Charles de Gaulle Airport ok ? Eat some while walking our lovely streets.

Source: Pourquoi pas Isa ?

Et voilà ! You are almost ready to come to Paris. So go and take your tickets for the beautiful city of love. If you need french classes, let me know by commenting. I will teach you sentences to seduce us.


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