What To Wear This Summer When You’re Poor

Ciao signore,

I might be wearing sweatpants as I’m writing that article, but I know what you need to have in your dressing right now ! However, being a student didn’t allow me to wear Chanel last season. Are you poor as well ? Well welcome. Now listen to my very french tips to be as hot as the promising summer.


1. Stripes

People always imagine frenchies wearing marinière. Well, forget it for this summer. Let’s get vertical ! It will make you look tall and thin. You can wear them blue, black, white, as a shirt, trousers or even a dress. Anyway, you will look fresh and très chic. Check these few items from Zara website.

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2. Flowers

Flowers or tropical prints are in. So many colors that will make your tan even more stunning. Moreover, more colors, more possibilities to have fun with your lipstick and nails right ? For all types of bodies, make sure to check these out on my favorite website Asos.

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3. Naked Shoulders

We often forget that shoulders can be very sexy. So, it is time for you to show them with the new fashion. Drinking a mojito or going to a party, you can reveal your hot shoulders by wearing a top or dress. Go on Boohoo right now, they always have sales and deliver worlwide.

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4. Kimonos

Kimonos are so in and it’s easy to understand why. Full of colors and light, you can look quite elegant even when it’s warm and you’re sweating like a pig. Buy yourself a kimono, it will dress you easily, especially with all the models and their many prints. Fill up your shopping cart on New look.

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5. Vichy Print

Vichy is a nice city in France. I don’t know why but a print is dedicated to it. Reminding me of the babydoll style, this print is everywhere. Shirts, dresses, trousers or shorts, it’s very easy to associate and give your classic look a vibe from the 50’s. Riverisland has your back

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Endiamo (only word I know from my holidays in Italy), you know everything now so no excuses about wearing mediocre outfits ok ? I hope your credit card is already in your hand, ready to be sexy af. Stay tuned for more tips about everything but with the french touch.


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